Online Tributes

Interactive, engaging tributes to keep the memories alive

Our online memorialization provides beautiful, engaging and interactive tributes that are easy to find and share. We go the extra mile to ensure family and friends can find your loved one’s online memorialization:

  • Inclusion in the Unite Online Obituaries directory
  • Optimized posting to Google and other search engines
  • Automatic posting to Facebook
  • Easy sharing and update notifications
  • Available permanently, so the memories live forever

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Service Listings

Service Listings

Time, location, map and directions

The service listings makes it easy for family and friend to find the service location and time. We even include a map to the service location to ensure your loved ones can make it to the service hassle-free.


Condolences & Memories

Making it easy to make memories last forever

We make it easy for loved ones to leave condolences, memories, pictures, or even light a virtual candle. We keep these memories saved forever, creating a permanent online space for remembering your loved one.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

A picture says a thousand words

We show all the contributed photos within an interactive gallery, letting visitors view the photos and captions to re-live all the amazing moments.


Video Tributes

Videos as memorable as your loved one

Our videos are beautiful and professional, with the highest production value you can find. But most importantly, the videos represent your loved one, telling a story in a way you'll want to watch over and over.

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